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World in Your Hands

World in Your Hands


Thursday, 4:00 p.m

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With the onset of hostilities in Ukraine, people with hearing impairments found themselves in a very difficult situation. These individuals cannot hear explosions, respond to air alarms in a timely manner, or call for help. For over a year, they have been under constant stress, and due to economic problems in the country, budget programs for people with disabilities have been cut: specialized centers are closed, and there are no job opportunities.

These people are facing their plight alone. We have resumed the “World in Your Hands” project, the main goal of which is to socialize people with disabilities by involving them in the activities of our Jewish cultural center “Solomonika.”

New participants join our club every time, and together we celebrate holidays, attend events, and go to camp. We conduct various activities once a week: teaching knitting, sewing, and crafting. In the future, these skills can help them find employment or earn additional income. They also visit a psychological center where specialists work with them.

Our club creates a comfortable home environment for these individuals where they can communicate, develop, integrate into society, and not feel isolated or unwanted.

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